Be Epically You
Be Epically You

We're creating a community embracing the authentic adventure within (and around us).

Find Joy in the Adventurous Journey of Life—One Day at a Time—As your authentic self.

Why Be Epically You?

To be epically you is to show up as your whole self in the present moment to live the adventurous journey of life. 

Everything you have right now is part of your uniqueness—your past, failures, quirks, and whatever you view as your faults and weaknesses.

Welcome to a place where you can come as often as you want/need to not be alone in this journey. Find joy in even the hardest days. Shift your perspective during difficult circumstances. And learn to love the journey, with all the bumps and detours.

Here you’ll find a supportive community, as well as inspirational content (to include mini-courses and podcast to come!), and tips, tricks, and ideas from other on embracing current circumstances as an adventure.

We’ll also provide ways to stay connected to nature — integrating images and videos of nature — as well as helping each other include more moments in nature, and of adventure to enhance—not escape—your journey (will look different for everyone).

Our Community Circles allow you to align your experience more with your particular journey, through specific groups with tailored content and community interaction. 


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